What is your skin worth to you?

The other day I was reminded of a quote from Oscar Wilde, where he says: 

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

And it got me thinking, what is your skin worth to you?  

Let’s just consider that for a moment. 

I am not asking you to calculate how much you spend on skincare products or make-up; I am asking you to think about the value you put on your skin.

Our face and our skin are always on display. It is the first thing people see when they meet us, but beyond aesthetics the health of our skin can have an impact on our confidence, our self-esteem, our overall wellbeing and how we feel within ourselves. 

When our skin is glowing, we glow. 

When our skin is healthy, it is a sign of overall good health.   

When our skin is balanced, our body is too and that can benefit us in so many ways. 

Beauty is more than skin deep after all, so what value do you put on maintaining it? 

We only have one skin and treating it with the care and love that it deserves can boost our confidence and allow us to maintain a glowing complexion at any age, so what are you willing to do to feel vibrant, empowered, beautiful and happy in your skin? 

Let me share something with you that I realized a long time ago… 

With a canvas of great looking skin, it’s pretty hard to go wrong thereafter, with or without make-up. 

The secret to unlocking your skin´s potential is understanding what works for your one-of-a-kind complexion and this is something I want every woman to discover. 

Did you know? 

Skin is really the beginning and end of Beauty

Unlike make-up, skin is about so much more than appearance.  It’s your largest organ and the only one able to give you a daily visual update of its general health. Take advantage of this and listen to what your skin is telling you.

I am so passionate about this because if taken care of properly, your skin can truly influence your state of mind in such a positive way – it’s that powerful!

Let me give you an example…

Just like our clothing wardrobes, where we start by building up the essentials like our cottons, socks and underwear followed by casual wear, all the way through to those stunning evening dresses and beautiful accessories. When it comes to our skincare and beauty routines we must start with the essentials too, so it all begins with our skin!

People often ask me…

Are there any specific ingredients you always turn to, to make your skin glow and feel your best?”

The truth is there is no single magic ingredient or miracle product for skin. 

Just like our bodies need a wide variety of nutritional foods to stay healthy, our skin also needs a balanced “diet” of nourishing ingredients supplied through a consistent skin-care routine. Searching for a miracle ingredient cheats your skin of the longer lasting benefits you’ll get from using brilliant products with a variety of good ingredients.

Now, that’s not to say that you won’t see signs of improvement if you happen to try a new product but it takes long term commitment to see lasting results and that’s what will save you time and money in the long run. 

Gorgeous skin does not happen in minutes. Your skin is the most dynamic, ever-changing organ in your body. It is constantly evolving due to age, health, environment, climate, hormones and habits including your diet and activities. It’s a bit like you – sometimes happy, sometimes not and sometimes even naughty!

Skin that is more Naughty than Nice

If you are experiencing some unwelcome skin changes, than these are some of the factors you should consider:

– Has your climate changed – outside, or indoors through heat or air-conditioning?

– Have you adjusted your skincare accordingly?                                                         

– Do you eat a nutritious diet?

– Do you exercise regularly? 

– Do you stay hydrated throughout the day? 

– Are you taking any medications that could impact your skin? 

– In an emotional sense, how are your stress levels? 

All of these will affect your skin’s current condition.

Now, if there is any area in your skincare routine that is not working out so well or needs a little more tweaking and TLC, don’t feel down about it – instead welcome that feeling. 

I realize that sounds a little crazy, but let me explain..

When something is not working and you are aware of it, then you can proactively find a solution to resolve it, evolve it or transform it – in short – you can change your routine to find a better option more suited to your unique skin.

Knowing your skin and how it acts will really help you to narrow down the product choices and develop a routine that is tailored to you. 

If you are open to learning and willing to change, then you will be in full control of your choices with the peace of mind that your product decisions are the right and safe ones for your one-of-a-kind skin.

My Signature Methodology

The advice I am sharing today is part of the first step of my signature methodology, the EKD Facewardrobe, which I call “Define”. I encourage my clients to get out a mirror and take a closer look for themselves, because our skin holds all the clues we need. 

I have used this process with my private and celebrity clients for several years and it is this crucial “Define” stage that enables me to create a personalized plan for their unique skin, which guarantees a reliable, beautiful and glowing complexion for their next red carpet appearance or feature movie.  

In fact, it is so crucial that I have created a detailed questionnaire that I ask all my clients to complete. It provides an all-round, in-depth analysis of the condition of your skin, revealing your exact skin-type, highlighting what it is lacking and guiding us to the perfect products that will provide you with a long-term, reliable skincare solution. 

Yes, it takes time and yes it requires dedication, but I am by your side to guide you every step of the way and once you have completed the “Define” section, we can move on to the second phase, which is to “Elevate” – and that’s where the fun really starts. 

So, I´ll ask you again the question that I posed at the beginning of this blog – what is your skin worth to you? 

If you value your skin and commit to this process, you will begin a transformation to a more vibrant, empowered and confident YOU, that goes far beyond just the way you look. 

This is what my signature course, the “YOU-nique Facewardrobe” enables you to achieve. 


If you are ready to make the commitment, if you are prepared to make this skin-vestment in yourself and your skin, then you can begin your journey to a highly-personalized, long-term beauty solution that works with your skin, your style and your life – and it can all start today. 

I’ve opened the doors to my FREE YOU-nique FaceWardrobe Masterclass where I explain the exact process we will use to create your YOU-nique Facewardrobe. 

Click the button below to join my FREE Masterclass and let’s start your transformation to a more vibrant future today. 

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