Want to hear about my Epic Fail?

Join us on the blog with successful Hollywood Make-Up Artist and Holistic Beauty Expert Eileen Kastner-Delago, as she reveals an epic fail on a movie set with Natalie Portman and how this experience transformed her approach to beauty for her clients.


My Epic Fail

Want to hear about an #EpicFail? 

Well, grab your favorite tea or glass of chardonnay and get cozy – I have a story for you.

So, it all happened at a time when I had reached a level in my career as a successful Make-Up Artist where I received packages upon packages from cosmetic companies in the hope that I would use their products on my celebrity clients.

And I must admit, it felt good and I was excited to try all these shiny, new products. I mean how can you not be excited when there are so many promises, so many options and so many products to choose from?

So off I went and played with these promising products.

Then one day, while working with one of my favorite clients and friend, Natalie Portman, on a big movie, her skin suddenly reacted to a product. I won’t name names, but said product was from a very high-end and successful make-up brand, actually. 

I was mortified, as we had to get ready for filming the first scene of the day and there was not much time to rectify the situation. This was bad and at the time I felt so powerless.  

Thankfully I’m always very calm in an emergency situation. I normally panic after everything is sorted and OK again; but that’s just who I am. 

So, I pulled all my skincare and make-up wisdom together, found an emergency solution and the day went on fine thank goodness!


My Take 2

Even though Natalie was such a trooper and so supportive, I felt horrible.

But you know what? It taught me a TON about what my real passion and purpose is in the beauty business and this endeavor, my ‘Take 2’ has been thriving for a few years now!

Since that moment, I have dedicated my time to mapping out the beauty routines of my regular celebrity clients, way ahead of time. This process helps me keep their skin in it’s best possible shape, year after year, without having to deal with any last-minute panic about skin issues before a job I have with them or skin issues that come up as we are in some different climate zone for example.

Best of all, my approach leads to stress-free make-up time as the skin is intentionally set and prepped perfectly; meaning often just a little makeup is needed.

This planning process has been a massive part of my journey from “Make-Up Artist” to “Holistic Beauty Expert”, building invaluable trust with my clients — so when I say it’s a game-changer; I really mean it. 

And I want to bring this to you also.


My Holistic Approach to Beauty

Now, if you are anything like me, then you like to plan things out a bit and set up steps that help to get you closer to what’s possible, right?

So I spent a long time thinking about these steps we can ALL implement into our lives that help keep our beauty routine streamlined and effective.

It’s all about doing what feels good to you, and it is helpful sometimes to re-evaluate what you like and don’t like to get some new, fresh inspiration.

Okay, so TELL ME about an #Epic Beauty Fail of yours—and more importantly, what you learned from it!

I would love to have you on this ride with me

We’ll have such fun. 

Please look at your beauty routine with fresh eyes and let me know what comes up for you.

I’m here and happy to answer any questions you have so shoot me a DM or go you can download a 20 page Skin-Sightful Roadmap to spark some ideas and action.  

Until the next time – Stay skin-formed, always Eileen x 

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