Is “OK” good enough, or is there something better?

I know there are some women that say they are happy with their make-up, beauty and skincare routine and they feel good about it, but they often don’t realize that it might not be the right approach or technique for them anymore. The effects and results just seem okay as they’ve got used to it, but by sticking to the same old routine they could be missing out on something better, without even realizing it. 

I often use the example of a stiff neck and shoulders. Let’s be honest, most of us know that feeling well, especially as everything moves online and we sit working from a computer for hours each day 😉

Now, it is amazing how quickly we get used to that tight neck feeling, but when we eventually get round to seeing a physio or getting a massage it´s even more amazing how energized, flexible and relieved we feel.

My point is…

…we often don’t realize how something can impact our mood, well-being and confidence until we actually see and feel the difference between the two. 

When it comes to make-up, beauty and skincare, I consider “OK” to be a dirty word. Having spent my 30+ years honing my craft as a successful Hollywood Make-Up Artist working with the most talented Directors, Actors and Creatives in the industry, all of who were at the top of their game, “OK” was simply not good enough and I don’t want you to settle for mediocre either. 

Now please don’t take offense by that. I say all of this with love and kindness, because I know how easy it is to fall into the same routines and habits, settling for what we know or what has worked in the past, but there are a few things wrong with that:

Firstly, our skin is always changing. It’s affected by our age, our hormones, our environment and so many other factors, so the products and techniques we use must be adjusted over time. 

Secondly, I don’t think make-up should be a uniform we put on every day. I believe it is a chance to be creative, reflect our mood and boost our confidence, so rather than repeating the same look, I want us to have some fun with it because that can be truly empowering. 

And Thirdly, knowledge and understanding are powerful tools and we can never learn enough, right?  

Now, it may be that you don’t feel like there is anything wrong with your current, beauty and skincare routine, but without trying a different approach how would you know if there is something better out there? Like those tight muscles in our neck, we often need to see and feel the results before we realize what wasn’t working for us. If you can relate to this and think you might be falling into the routine trap, then the next question is “what should you change?”

Well, it isn’t quite as simple as just popping to the physio for a quick treatment, but consulting an expert is always a good place to start. This month I’ve actually opened the doors to my FREE Online Masterclass which walks you through the exact process I use with my clients to create a personalized skincare, make-up and beauty routine that is designed specifically for their skin, their style and their life. 

I call it the YOU-nique FaceWardrobe and no two FaceWardrobe are the same. Inside it includes all the tools, techniques and make-up trickery to complement their unique skin and one-of-a-kind complexion and the results speak for themselves. 

By adopting a tailor-made, holistic approach to beauty, make-up and skincare we can map out your routine in advance ensuring your skin is always glowing, your make-up flawless and your authentic beauty confidence shines through.

It is a process I first developed with my celebrity clients like Natalie Portman and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan – they were my guinea pigs if you will – but it was never just about ensuring they looked fabulous for their next movie or red carpet appearance. It has always been about creating a reliable, long-term beauty and skincare solution that gives my clients confidence every day. 

What would it feel like if somebody could give you all the answers? 

What would it feel like if someone gave you all the tools you need?

What would it feel like to know you are supported, while also held accountable?

What would it feel like to have a beauty blueprint for success all mapped out?

That is what I offer to each of my clients. 

I am so passionate about supporting women just like you on this journey.

Encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone, make informed decisions and try something new, because until you do how will you know if there is a better way?

Of course, I am by your side every step of the way, drawing on my 30+ years’ experience as a successful Hollywood Make-Up Artist and guiding you on your unique path to authentic beauty confidence

If any of this is resonating with you, I do hope you will join me for my Masterclass. We can never learn enough, right? And this is the first time I am sharing my experience and knowledge for free, so what do you have to lose? 

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